Words Of Zeus

I mastered this release for Jaden Raxel and Severin Su on Infinite Depth Records.

The Dutch upcoming Jaden Raxel is the one who provides the 19th EP of Infinite Depth. With his characteristic fierce synth-work, he created three originals of which one collaboration with the Austrian Severin Su. This collaboration is also the title track, called ‘Words of Zeus’.

‘Calm Before the Storm’ is the first track of the EP and it immediately sets the tone with a groovy, but high tensioned and dark mood. A pleasant composition of synths is getting through at the breaks, but right at the moment you think it’s going to be dreamy, the main lead hits you back. All this together forms a forceful, but still gentle, first indication of an upcoming storm.

The title track is a theatrical track representing the core of the storm in which the words of Zeus are echoing around. Jaden Raxel and Severin Su turned these words into sound and they managed to add a layer of vigorous emotions. As result of this combination the track is as overwhelming as a bank of dark clouds. Nevertheless, there is an optimistic spirit flowing through the track.

‘Upper Atmosphere’ can be seen as the storm arriving at its final destination. The mysterious tendency of the track lets you feel the turmoil, which is still present in the sky. The cutting synths and drums are reaching your ears through the final winds blown by this collection of tracks, forming an impactful end of the ‘Words of Zeus’ EP.

Words Of Zeus

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