Qbical Mastering

Just finished writing and mixing your latest masterpiece? Have an EP ready to go out on various streaming services? Why not get the most out of your music by having it mastered! I’ve been helping people like you get top-notch masters for an affordable price, just €25 per song!

Get your music mastered!


What I do

Once you send me your mixed song, I get to work. Using the best digital processing, top of the line monitoring, acoustically tuned studio and many years of experience, I will make your project sound excellent. Anywhere it is played.

Of course, we work together to get the best result possible. If you’d like I can even offer free advice on your mix before we start!

What I offer

High-quality mastering, an affordable price, and fast delivery!

If your song has special requirements, like a version for streaming services like Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music. A vinyl-ready master, or anything else you might need, I can provide.

You can find all the additional services listed on the contact page, along with the rates.

The process

Just use the contact form to get in touch. Select any options you require and include the link to your project in the proper field. Once I receive your message, I will update you on the delivery date. As soon as your project is mastered, you will get a preview along with the invoice.

Have any notes or feedback? No problem, just let me know and I’ll get to work. Only when you are happy with the result you pay the invoice and will automatically receive your full mastered project, ready for release!

I’m very excited to be working together!